Project ECHO

HealthInsight understands that in order to keep hospitals engaged in quality improvement training opportunities, the training must be both valuable and innovative. HealthInsight has extensive experience in delivering effective training through a variety of modalities and, through our relationships, has brought even more subject matter experts (SMEs) and innovation to our HIIN approach. A cornerstone to our training approach in HIIN will be the utilization of the Project ECHO® model. Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) develops knowledge and capacity among community clinicians through case-based learning, knowledge networks and learning loops.

Bold aims necessitate innovative approaches, such as Project ECHO, which has demonstrated success in the outpatient setting with complex conditions. We aim to set a new standard and best practice by applying the Project ECHO model to address hospital harm. The Project ECHO model is a low-cost, high-impact intervention accomplished by linking expert interdisciplinary specialist teams with clinicians through teleECHO™ clinics, in which the experts mentor clinicians to help them manage their patient cases and share their expertise via mentoring, guidance, feedback and didactic education.

HealthInsight will collaborate with existing Project ECHO programs associated with universities in each of our states to maximize the expert panels available for each ECHO clinic. Training topics (known as “clinics” in Project ECHO) will be based on a review of criteria for an effective Project ECHO, the type and complexity of information required, the needs of the participants and cost considerations. By examining the criteria against each of the HIIN topics, we have determined the topics for a Project ECHO intervention to be SSI, C. diff, pressure ulcers, sepsis and septic shock, venous thromboembolism (VTE) and ventilator-associated events (VAE).

Project ECHO Hospital-Acquired Condition Selection Criteria:

  • Condition is common
  • Management is complex
  • High health and economic impact
  • Knowledge gap exists
  • Evolving treatments/interventions
  • Potentially serious outcomes
  • Clear best practices exist

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