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Adverse Drug Event (ADE)

More than 770,000 people are injured or die each year in hospitals because of adverse drug events (ADEs), which can cost up to $5.6 million each year per hospital depending on hospital size. This estimate does not include malpractice and litigation costs. National hospital expenses to treat patients who suffer ADEs during hospitalization are estimated at between $1.56 billion and $5.6 billion annually. Three categories of drugs – opioids, insulin and anticoagulants – have been identified as contributing to the largest number of errors reported to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices.

Reduction in adverse drug events related to these drug categories is part of HealthInsight’s commitment to reducing patient harm by 20 percent over the next two years. HealthInsight’s plan for assisting hospitals in reducing ADEs will include technical assistance, self-assessment tools, educational webinars and conferences, and links to evidence-based best practices surrounding prescribing, administering and monitoring of patients receiving these categories of drugs.

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